Friday, March 23, 2012

Lawn Ladybugs (Bowling Ball Art)

Image source
Thanks to a recent post by my Facebook friend Alan Cook I now am on the lookout for free or really cheap bowling balls so I can make my own posse of lawn ladybugs. Aren't they adorable? I'm thinking of sticking with the red and blue colors as our house is white and I like a patriotic look but the assortment above looks fun and inviting. You can read more about it here. Happy crafting!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Big Book of Holiday Paper Crafts

I totally enjoyed perusing this thick book of paper craft ideas. They have a huge Valentine's Day section which will help with ideas for next year's Valentines for Hospitalized Veterans project as well as ideas for almost every major American holiday.

The cute card above was in the valentine section but I'll likely make a version of it for my hubby before then. 

This one too. My hubby doesn't go crazy for cards but I like making them.

 Love the animal card ideas.

 I have some little felt scraps that would work wonderfully for the flower and butterfly ideas here.

I thought this would work great for the veterans too.

In case you wondered what kind of supplies are needed for the cards here's a sampling from one of the Halloween cards.

I love this owl card. The book includes a template for it too.

 Cute Halloween paper craft ideas.

 I want to move toward more homemade crafts (versus store bought) and thought these tags were adorable.
 Love the bird and the tree. Not sure about the color scheme but that's easily changed.

Kissing birds, wiener dogs and a merry owl. Adorable!

Hope you enjoyed my mini tour and review of the Big Book of Holiday Crafts. Happy crafting!