Monday, January 13, 2014

Easy Reindeer Ornament

As I mentioned in my last post, here's another one of my Christmas crafty gifts. I made this quick, fun and cute reindeer ornament for a family member. I think it was my easiest project of the year because it came from a kit and all I had to do was to arrange the pieces, glue them together and then cut and tie the hanging cord. I did also place a heavy book on top of the ornament as it dried because it didn't seem like the glue was adhering well enough on its own but that did the trick.

There wasn't quite enough cord length for my taste so I might use my own ribbon or something when I make the next two so the hanging cord can be longer (the kit makes 3 ornaments but I haven't made the other two yet). Another change I might make for the other two (if there's room without hitting the ears) is to place the reindeer's antlers a bit further apart so there's a bit more room for the hanging cord in between.

Did you have any easy and quick projects this holiday season? Are you planning any special Valentine's day crafts? I'd love to hear about it!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Loom Knit Hat

Hello, my crafty friends! I've had requests to post some of the crafts I made for Christmas presents last year so I'll have more to post as I come across the photos. There were some that didn't get photographed but at least you'll have an idea.

A few years ago one of my brothers asked for a hunter green knit cap and I finally found the right color yarn in the super bulky kind I like to use for loom knitting so this is the hat I made for him this Christmas. I hope he likes it! It's nice and thick and should keep him warm and toasty.

I didn't post it here but on my main blog I shared my first beaded ornament and that was also given as a Christmas gift and the recipient seemed to love it so I might make more this year.

Hope you're having a wonderful New Year! What kind of crafts are in your plans for 2014? I'm planning on more knitting, some painting, some beadwork and a couple applique projects. I'm more focused on getting organized this year but crafting is a great creative outlet.