Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hummingbird Painting

I bought this children's art kit at Whole Foods the week before Christmas. Even though I have plenty of non-kit adult painting supplies at home the idea of easing into painting with a simple project appealed to me. It turns out painting in between the lines with the included brush is quite challenging (at least for me) but I'm happy with the result. I made a few changes (the biggest one was making the central focus flower bicolor with red center vs. plain lavender with pink center). This is my final art project for 2011 and I wish you all the best in crafting and life for 2012!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Plush Knit Scarf

Hadn't done much needle knitting in a long time so I decided to start with a basic knit stitch scarf using this super soft plush yarn from my stash. As you can see, it's a work in progress.

Whatever your crafting goals, I hope you reach them and wish you a very happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chicks with Sticks

This was my first knitting book and I still find myself referencing it. I had taken a long break from knitting and forgot even how to cast on basic stitches. Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting came to the rescue. I've found that working through this book, project by project, is a great way to learn knitting. Of course, an in person knitting teacher is even better (miss you Lyn and Karen!!!) but when not available this is a great book. Knit Witch videos on You Tube are also fantastic for learning new knitting skills.

As far as crafts I want to make and this book go I basically want to make everything I haven't yet made and I might just start over again at the beginning as my skills had gotten so rusty. I ended up buying this book but it was available from my local library.

Happy crafting!

Martha Stewart's Handmade Holiday Crafts

This is a photo of the front cover of Martha Stewart's "Handmade Holiday Crafts" book. I want to make practically everything in this book (doesn't mean I will... but it all looks fun and beautiful) so rather than post by project I thought I'd just mention that this is a resource I love. There's something for almost every major holiday in there too. It's probably available at most major book retailers and I borrowed it from my local library so perhaps it's available from yours too.

Quick and Easy Felt Princess Stocking

This is more of a decorative stocking. To make it functional you'd need to sew it (I just used glue). The red and white felt were new but the embellishments were recycled from previous craft projects. I cut out the red and white pieces (using two pieces of red felt for the stocking body and one piece of white felt folded over so it cut like two pieces), glued them together so the stocking would still open from the top and let it all dry. Then I applied cream and pink pearly stick on embellishments on the white cuff and on the red heel and toes. Next I used a big "little princess" sticker (this would be easy to paint on or design on the computer and turn into an iron on transfer) to complete the cuteness. Easy and cute. Merry Christmas and happy Holidays dear crafters!

Recycled Paper Christmas Stocking Craft

I love Christmas stockings and usually hang ten or more around my house. The fun of this recycled paper craft was in figuring out how to make it a functional (albeit only for light items) stocking without any sewing. I used an old Crabtree & Evelyn shopping bag (red) and kept the bag intact on one side. The top of the red part of the stocking was the top of the bag. I glued the other side and then topped it with some recycled white cardboard. Then I wrote "Joy to the World" with coordinating red ink and affixed some leftover foam stars to the topper. The back side of the stocking opens behind the topper (only the red bag part opens - the topper has just one part and is more for decoration than function.

The Clumsy Crafter

So I was thinking about making this blog not just what I want to make but a journal of some of the things I have made too. Then I had a series of crafting mishaps and I'm wondered whether I'd be better off keeping my crafts private. Maybe I'll just call myself something like the clumsy crafter or the crafty dabbler so expectations won't be so high (mine or yours). I love crafting! I'm not sure that I have any talent for it but I love it. Please let me know what you think about a potential new title and direction for the blog. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas dear crafters!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Recycled Sweater Snowman Candy Bowl

I totally love this snowman craft idea! But any white sweaters I might have recycled for this project have already been donated to charity. I guess the next time I see a white sweater with a nasty stain or hole in the body at a dirt cheap price in a thrift store or something I'll make this craft. Or I might just use some white yarn and knit a cozy for one of my glass vases. That would probably be faster than waiting for a white sweater sleeve to appear.

Here's the link to the photo and directions:

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Recycled Jeans Purse

My Mom loves denim so I'd like to make this for her. My sewing skills are extreme beginner but I'm going to give it a whirl anyway. I love that the author gave step by step instructions with lots of photographs. So even it it doesn't turn out as well as the author's, I figure that if worst comes to worst Mom can use it to store cat toys or dog biscuits instead of as a purse.

Here are the instructions with photos:

Modge Podge Vase

I must have decoupaged as a child but I don't remember it. I think the first time I do this I'll follow her directions and make a similar project (maybe using maps or something my husband would also find interesting). But what I really want to do is make one with copies of some of the post it love notes my husband has written me. That would make me smile every time I saw it.

Here are the instructions:

Wire Art Tree

Image Source
I had never even thought about wire crafts until I saw it as a category at my county fair. My lowly entry was a red wire "Love" wall hanging (it's hanging in my kitchen). I think it won 3rd prize but that's only because there were exactly three entries. Anyway, now that my interest in wire art has been piqued I've started noticing other options and these wire art trees intrigued me. I'm thinking I'll make one potted like in the author's example but using pearls like in commenter FACEfun's photo. If I angle things just right the branches could even hold some of my costume jewelry making it not only decorative but functional too.

The instructions and photos are available here:

Holiday Memory Board

Image source
Think I'd like to make this in colors that would work in my home year round. Will have to give some thought as to what colors would do the trick but I can see this concept working for not just Christmas (or whatever wonderful December holiday(s) you celebrate) but for New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter and all the various holidays. It could also be used as a great inspiration board (home decorating, goal reaching, quote gathering etc.).

Here are the instructions from Better Homes and Gardens:

Framed Button Wreath

While the original instructions have this in a sedate white, sage, burgundy arrangement (and it's quite lovely just the way it is), I envision it with red and white buttons on a green background or green and white buttons on a red background.

Here are the instructions for the "Cute As A Button Wreath" by Better Homes and Gardens:

Happy Crafting!

Felt Dove Garland

Think I'd like to make this in blues and whites for a future peace themed decor. If I get around to it in February I might use reds and whites and put hearts in the middle instead of leaves. There are plenty of ways to adapt the main idea.

Here's the link to the craft instructions:

Photos will be added to these things I want to make posts once I make the items or some kind soul makes it, takes a photo, shares it and gives me permission to post their photo.

Blog Intro

This blog is really more of a notebook for me with links of crafts I think I'd like to make someday but won't likely be making in the next week. Hoping some readers will also want to make some of these crafts. If you make one before I do I'd love to hear what you thought and see a photo if you post one somewhere. If you share your photo and give me permission to publish it I'll add it to the relevant post.

I have a really wide range of crafting interests. Fabric, paper, wire, needle, recycled and much more. Hopefully, over time there will be something to interest every crafty soul.

Happy crafting!