Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chicks with Sticks

This was my first knitting book and I still find myself referencing it. I had taken a long break from knitting and forgot even how to cast on basic stitches. Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting came to the rescue. I've found that working through this book, project by project, is a great way to learn knitting. Of course, an in person knitting teacher is even better (miss you Lyn and Karen!!!) but when not available this is a great book. Knit Witch videos on You Tube are also fantastic for learning new knitting skills.

As far as crafts I want to make and this book go I basically want to make everything I haven't yet made and I might just start over again at the beginning as my skills had gotten so rusty. I ended up buying this book but it was available from my local library.

Happy crafting!

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