Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick and Easy Felt Princess Stocking

This is more of a decorative stocking. To make it functional you'd need to sew it (I just used glue). The red and white felt were new but the embellishments were recycled from previous craft projects. I cut out the red and white pieces (using two pieces of red felt for the stocking body and one piece of white felt folded over so it cut like two pieces), glued them together so the stocking would still open from the top and let it all dry. Then I applied cream and pink pearly stick on embellishments on the white cuff and on the red heel and toes. Next I used a big "little princess" sticker (this would be easy to paint on or design on the computer and turn into an iron on transfer) to complete the cuteness. Easy and cute. Merry Christmas and happy Holidays dear crafters!

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