Saturday, June 23, 2012

Drawing / Art Bootcamp Exercise

Creative Jewish Mom is conducting a drawing / art boot camp for her kids this summer. I'm thrilled that she's sharing the exercises via her blog because I'm going to join her boot camp from afar. How could I pass up free art training? I may not have been able to enjoy art as a kid but I can now. My results may very well look like they were done by a child anyway but I'm fine with that. I just want to enjoy the process.

The first exercise was to draw a horizontal pattern using two colors. I wanted to use hot pink for my second color but that marker wasn't available. The above picture is my final drawing. I wish I'd sketched it with pencil first so I could have avoided the screwy infinity symbol in the biggest butterfly but other than that I kind of like it. Can you tell the difference between the final draft (above) and the almost final draft (below)?  And if you can, which do you like better?

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